Mobile Phone and Tablet Repairs

Each of our stores has a technician on site, ready to repair your mobile device on the spot. We also have a national service centre to assess devices and perform additional services.
Depending on the issue and the device, on the spot repairs could take up to an hour. Our technicians will be able to provide an estimate on how long it will take. More complex issues or servicing which requires heavy soldering may need to be sent to our National Service Centre which could take up to ten business days.



We only use our own sourced quality parts which have undergone strict and thorough testing to ensure your device continues to perform to its usual standards.

All Repairs to devices and service work are offered with a Lifetime Guarantee.



No warranty, either direct or implied, is offered on any service or repair work carried out on water damaged devices or any component or functionality that is not directly related to the work carried out.

Warranty claims for service work cover the parts and labour provided in that service and do not cover any other component or item not included on the receipt of payment. We may need to send the item to our service centre in the event of a warranty claim and if you decline we may be unable to resolve the issue.

Warranty on service work is immediately void if:

  • The item has been physically damaged (either accidentally or otherwise)
  • The item has been liquid damaged prior to or post repair
  • A third party has attempted to repair the device (including an attempt by the customer to repair the device)