Best Phone Repairs Canberra

Welcome to Dr Boom. We are Canberra's most popular Mobile Phone Repair service provider, fixing and bringing life back to hundreds of Mobile Phones, Tablets and Devices every month.

We have locations across Canberra with highly trained and experienced mobile phone technicians ready to fix your phone, tablet, or device.

If you are looking for Mobile Phone Repair Canberra, Tablet Repair Canberra, or Device Repair Canberra you have come to the right place. We offer on the spot phone repair services in Canberra and have a Repairs to You service which brings our Canberra mobile phone repair solution direct to your door step.

For mobile phone, tablet, or device repairs in Canberra, simply pop into one of the locations below or submit an inquiry via the contact form and select the location closest to you.


Canberra Phone Repair Locations