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1239 Nepean Highway

Cheltenham, VIC


Tel: 03 9585 6938


Come to us for mobile phone repairs in Cheltenham. We’ll fix your device while you wait.

Go to our phone repair shop in Cheltenham.

Are you looking for battery replacement or broken screen repair for your iPhone? Look no further. Dr Boom Communications in Cheltenham is ready to help you.

Our tablet & phone repair shop is located at:

Westfield Southland

Kiosk CM301, Level 3, 1239 Nepean Hwy

Cheltenham VIC 3192

Why choose us?

Over the years, we’ve established our name as one of the most reliable companies that provide on-the-spot tablet & mobile phone repairs in Cheltenham. When you choose us, you can enjoy the following advantages:

On-site, skilled technicians

Our on-site technicians in Cheltenham have the experience and skill set needed to fix a range of issues that affect Apple, Samsung and other mobile brands. Plus, they can do it while you wait. The tablet or phone repair might only take an hour or two.

Access to a nationwide service centre

Our Cheltenham shop is supported by Dr Boom Communications’ National Service Centre. That’s where we send mobile phones and tablets that need heavy soldering & further servicing.

High-quality spare parts

One thing that sets us apart is we only do mobile phone repairs using company-sourced spare parts. We acquire these parts from the world’s most trusted suppliers & manufacturers. That’s how we guarantee a reliable service each time.

Lifetime guarantee

All our tablet and mobile phone repairs come with a lifetime service warranty. With our Lifetime Guarantee, you can rest knowing your newly restored device will last a long time.

Topnotch tablet & phone accessories

Do you need screen repair and a new screen protector? We’ve got your back. Our phone repair shop in Cheltenham offers an array of top-quality tablet & phone accessories. Our staff is also happy to install the screen protector onto your phone.


  • How long do I have to wait before my Samsung phone gets repaired?

Regardless of the brand, our same-day mobile phone repairs usually take around one to three hours. It primarily depends on the device issue. But don’t fret, as our technicians will do an initial check to estimate how long the repair will take. They’ll also tell you if your phone needs to be sent to our company’s National Service Centre, where complex repairs are done for about two weeks.

  • Can I just leave my iPhone and come back after the repair?

It’s up to you. You can wait comfortably at our store while our technicians fix your iPhone on the spot. But you’re also free to run errands and come back to our shop after the repair.

  • Can you sell me spare mobile parts?

Sorry, but no. Our shop doesn’t sell spare mobile parts, but we’re happy to check your broken device & fix it while you wait. Visit our store in Cheltenham today.

  • How long is your service warranty?

All Dr Boom Communications stores offer a Lifetime Guarantee. It covers workmanship and parts, but not third-party tampering and water & physical damage after we’ve returned the device to you. Don’t hesitate to talk to our Cheltenham staff to learn more about our warranty.