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Dr Boom Communications Delacombe

Shop T31, 315 Glenelg Highway

Delacombe, VIC


Tel: 03 5359 1759


Dr Boom Communications is a trusted name in quality phone repairs in Delacombe.

Visit our shop in Delacombe.

If you need top-notch Delacombe phone repair , come to our store. Our team is also experienced in handling issues with iPads, Android tablets & other devices.

Our tablet & phone repair store is located at:

Shop T31, Delacombe Town Centre

315 Glenelg Highway

Delacombe VIC 3351

Why come to us for phone repairs in Delacombe?

Over the years, we’ve become the go-to phone repair shop in Delacombe. Here are some reasons customers continue to rely on us to fix their mobile devices:

  • On-the-spot fixes

Our on-site technicians at our Delacombe store are ready to provide on-the-spot fixes. The repair could take an hour or two, depending on the issue. You can wait cosily at our store or go around Delacombe Town Centre and come back after.

  • Nationwide service centre

If your mobile phone or tablet requires further servicing, our technicians will suggest sending it to our National Service Centre. Don’t fret, as you’ll know quickly whether our team can repair your device while you wait or if it has to be sent to the centre.

  • Skilled phone technicians

With multiple years of industry experience under their belt, our technicians have the skill set & tools required to carry out various tablet & mobile phone repairs. You can count on them to restore your device, whether it has a broken screen or battery.

  • Quality sourced parts 

Our team only uses company-sourced parts to ensure top-notch repair service. We guarantee that these parts come from reliable brands and have undergone strict testing.

  • Lifetime warranty 

At Dr Boom Communications, we stand behind the quality of our service. So we’re confident in offering a Lifetime Guarantee on our tablet and phone repair in Delacombe. It covers all parts and labour provided during the service.

  • Wide range of accessories 

Don’t need a phone repair today? There’s another reason to visit us in Delacombe. It’s our top-quality mobile accessories. We offer screen protectors, phone cases, tablet covers and other accessories to keep your devices secure & protected.


  • How long do I have to wait before my phone gets repaired?

About an hour or two. It greatly depends on the issue. Upon initial check, our technicians will estimate how long the service will take. They may also tell you if they need to send your phone or tablet to our company’s National Service Centre. Repairs there could take around two weeks, depending on the problem.

  • Can I just leave my phone and come back after the repair?

That can work. You can wait comfortably at our store while we repair your phone on the spot. But you’re free to explore Delacombe Town Centre while we do the service. You can return in an hour or two to retrieve your restored device.

  • Can you sell me spare mobile parts? 

Apologies, but no. We don’t sell spare mobile parts, but we’re happy to check your broken device and repair it while you wait. Come to our store in Delacombe today.

  • How long is the warranty offered in your phone repair shop in Delacombe?

All Dr Boom Communications stores offer a Lifetime Guarantee. That covers workmanship and parts. It won’t cover third-party tampering and water & physical damage after our technicians have returned the device to you. Don’t hesitate to talk to our Delacombe staff to learn more about our warranty.