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Why choose us?

We have been one of the most reliable shops for on-the-spot phone and tablet repairs in Doncaster. Choosing us means you get several advantages:


Experienced mobile experts

No matter how big or small the job, you can rely on our on-site technicians to ensure your iPad or Samsung phone is working again. They can fix common mobile device issues in only around three hours—you can wait comfortably at our Doncaster store.

service center

Support from a nationwide service centre

All Dr Boom Communications stores are supported by the company-owned National Service Centre. It’s a facility that handles mobile device repair issues that require further servicing. We can send your device there if it can’t be fixed on the spot.

high quality

High-standard spare parts

One of the many things that set us apart from our competitors is that we only use company-sourced parts for tablet and mobile phone repairs. These parts come from reputable suppliers and manufacturers to ensure your peace of mind.

lifetime warranty

Lifetime service warranty

Our reliable service comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. You can rest assured knowing your newly restored iPhone or Android tablet will last a long time. Feel free to talk to our on-site mobile phone repair specialist to get more details about our warranty.


Premium mobile accessories

Broken screen? Let us repair it and apply a new screen protector on your phone. Our shop in Doncaster carries an array of premium mobile accessories—from iPhone screen protectors & Samsung phone cases to iPad covers and power banks.

Visit our phone repair shop in Doncaster

Can’t get your phone to charge? Have you accidentally dropped your Samsung tablet and cracked its screen? Worry no more, as we’re here to help fix the issue right away. Looking for instant tablet or mobile phone repairs in Doncaster? Dr Boom Communications is here to help restore your device in no time.

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How long do I have to wait before my Samsung phone gets fixed?

Most Samsung phone repairs can be done on the same day. Bring your phone to our store in Canberra, and we’ll fix it in no time. You can wait at our shop or come back for your restored device in an hour or two. If the issue is severe, our specialist will tell you quickly that your device needs to be sent to our service centre for further repairs.

Can you repair my phone with the spare parts that I supply?

No. To ensure high standards of service for every job, our team only fixes phones and tablets using company-sourced spare parts.

Can you sell me spare parts for mobile phones & other devices?

Our shop doesn’t sell spare parts, but our technicians are more than ready to inspect your phone or tablet and repair it while you wait at our store in Doncaster.

How long is the warranty for phone repairs?

All phone repairs in our Doncaster store come with a Lifetime Guarantee. It covers the labour and parts provided during the service. Don’t hesitate to talk to our Doncaster team to learn more about our unique service warranty.